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Hi & thanks for visiting me here on my website.

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My name is EWON WHYNES.

Ewon Whynes

I am just a regular man who made a decision in October of 2003 that changed the course of my life forever.

In October I decided to join a MLM network marketing company. To most it would sound crazy, & as a matter of fact the people around me thought it was crazy, even though this opportunity worked for me. Before I go any further let me donate you some background approximately myself. I worked for 12 years for a Film & Manufacturing company (Kodak) on rotating shifts. I was thankful for the job yet was not satisfied with the income & lifestyle it provided. Not being able to be at family functions, missing out on school & sporting events.

I was first introduced to the business because of the product which in turn helped my son a tremendous deal. The second reason being that I knew people that were making a lot of money from doing the business & living the lifestyle that most people could only dream of. I was able to walk away from my job just under a year with the assist of the young lady who taught me how to be a professional network marketer & not a product pusher. This has led me to the top of my primary marketing company.

It’s now been six years in the MLM industry, those six years has not always been effortless using the old school offline methods. You will always find people that will say Yes & others that will say No just like anything else in life. I can guarantee you that I have dealt with the exact same questions & frustrations that you are probably going through right now. It wasn’t effortless chasing friends, family, cold calling, prospecting strangers in shopping malls, posting flyers & handing out business cards, & not seeing enough results from my efforts. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Those years of struggling & failure led me to a pivotal point that shifted my entire business approach & literally exploded my business overnight. Before we go any further, I want to prove to you how some industry leaders are making money hand over fist using EXACTLY what I’m approximately to share with you. I am all approximately numbers & RESULTS & I want to show you what’s possible when you know what you’re doing online.

I have invested my money into many systems to see if they would work for individuals that did not like our offline marketing approach. The system needs to be duplicatable & effortless to set up. I have found a system that is both effortless & duplicatable, which I want to share with everyone & even willing to personally work with new members on that are not part of my team. Even if your with another company it does not matter we can still work together to assist you achieve your path of success.

MLM Network Marketing is a tremendous business to be involved with, yet along with everything else in life it does have its pit falls & draw backs which can be easily overcome.


Let me say Network Marketing is approximately PEOPLE, not Products!

As Zig Ziglar said, “You can have everything in life that you want if you will just assist other people obtain what they want.”

If you want to learn more approximately my Primary Business  Click Here & we will see you at the TOP.

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